Meet Mirjam, your coach! Hopefully once you hear Mirjam’s story it will inspire you to join our kickstart and be on your way to bettering your lifestyle and wellbeing.

I started my fitness and health journey approximately 19 years ago when I hired myself as a personal trainer. I was tired of being in pain, discomfort, feeling weak and unhealthy. I have scoliosis, and the low back pain and neck pain associated with it was causing limitations in my everyday life activities. I have had some ups and downs, in my fitness journey. Injuries, lack of motivation as well as times of complete obsession behaviour, when it came to fitness and nutrition. Through those experiences I have strived to take a balanced and moderate approach, being realistic and honest with myself. As a mother of 4, I also felt an obligation to teach my children about living a healthy active lifestyle.  And the best way is to teach by example! I decided to certify myself as a personal trainer approximately 17 years ago because I wanted the knowledge to help myself.  

With young children and the desire to be an at-home mom I was not able to pursue training, however, applied the fitness and exercise knowledge to my own life. However, I really notice that I was not fully equipped to achieve the results I wanted and began to understand that proper nutrition was the key to achieve those goals. I began reading and soaking up information regarding nutrition and healthy eating, looking at the various DIET programs on the market, of which none of them seemed maintainable, balanced or individualized.  So I continued to search for information and applied what I believed was best for myself and my body.

In the last 5 years, as my children were graduating and venturing out on their own, I began to have that desire to pursue helping others with their health and fitness journeys. Therefore, I recertified myself as a trainer and was hired to work in a local gym to gain experience and mentorship. However, I again began to see that proper nutrition really was the key element missing for many of my clients.  I was given the opportunity, last year, to be certified as a nutrition coach, through a company called Balanced Habits, and I am so very happy I did!  Finally, a program that aligned with my own beliefs about creating a Healthy, Balanced, Maintainable Lifestyle! Not another Diet claiming to be the next big success!  A focus on customizing individual programs, education, accountability, support and community!  I have had the pleasure of coaching over 60 individuals over the past year, both men and women of all ages, and have witnessed some truly inspiring, life-changing results. When COVID-19 closed everything down in the Spring, I ran my first virtual Kick Start with 25 people and it was one of the most successful KS I had coached! In fact, many of the participants signed up for the continuing programs, which were run virtually as well! Opportunity, once again to further my passion and career, presented itself and Fosters Lifestyle was born!

I am blessed and excited to see where this journey takes me and those who believe in this vision to create a community of people that have a desire and commitment to create a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle!