HAPPY WORLD WATER DAY! Do your self a favour and be extra hydrated today! Its a day to celebrate all types of water! Sparkling, still, frozen and hot! 

worldwaterday.org invites us to “join the conversation” about “What does after mean to you?” Think about that for a moment. What comes to mind when you think of water? Do you think of nutrition? Wellness? Water Sports? Waterfalls? This years theme to get us to think about valuing water. 

 “Water means different things to different people. This conversation is about what water means to you. How is water important to your home and family life, your livelihood, your cultural practices, your wellbeing, your local environment? In households, schools and workplaces, water can mean health, hygiene, dignity and productivity. In cultural, religious and spiritual places, water can mean a connection with creation, community and oneself. In natural spaces, water can mean peace, harmony and preservation.” – World water day . Org

We all know how beneficial water is for not only our body but our skin. Here at Fosters Lifestyle we like to think about all the fun water activities we all take part in. paddle boarding, swimming, boating, chasing waterfalls, the list goes on! 

This world water we want to focus on what water means to us, and for us water means nutrition. Water is a key part of overall health. We find the hardest part, is actually drinking the water we need to. We have found some hats to help you drink more water! 

  1. Make Spa Water

By adding fresh cucumber, lemon, mint or other fresh fruit, this can make your water tastes just a little bit better. This is also a much better alternative to buying pre flavoured water or those flavours water shots. Those are full of chemicals that your body just doe not need. By choose fresh fruit, veggies or herbs you’re adding natural flavours to your water.

2. Try adding bubbles 

It may not be fancy but it sure feels like it! Carbonated water can make your glass just a little more interested and exciting to drink.

3. Get a reusable water bottle that you love

Sometimes having a water bottle you love that gets everywhere with you can make drinking water that much easier. Stainless steel water bottles are our favourite because they keep your water colder longer. Most stainless steel water bottles are also dishwasher safe making them that much easier to keep clean! **pro tip : CLEAN YOUR WATER BOTTLE OFTEN!!! Bacteria can build up and make you really sick! Especially if you have a straw in your bottle

4. Add a straw!

Drinking through a straw helps you drink larger amounts in a shorter period of time. Don’t believe us? Try it, and you’ll be surprised at how much more water you can down in one day. We personally are big fans of reusable straws! You can find them almost anywhere and they make a huge difference. Even getting tumbler with a straw is a great alternative to a water bottle with a straw. Also more likely to fit in your cup holder 😉 

5. Incorporate water enriched foods into your diet

Add water-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet, such as watermelon (it’s 92 percent water by weight and blended up with some ice makes a tasty snack.) Also try munching on more celery and tomatoes (about 95 percent and 85 percent, respectively), zucchinis (97 percent), eggplant (92 percent) and oranges (87 percent).

We would love to know what water means to you and your favourite water activity as well as how you plan to drink more water! Lets us know on instagram and Facebook!