April is a great month to do some deep cleaning in your kitchen; specifically, your oven, as you won’t be relying on it quite so much for the next several months as we transition to fresher food choices, and outside for al fresco dining!  

April is also a great month to cleanse your body by using fresh herbs with purpose and interesting new flavours. Your palate will develop and expand by trying new subtle flavours from fresh herbs that aren’t available during the winter months. Food is meant to be enjoyed, as is your new lifestyle. They can coexist!  Nothing good comes from eating so poorly that you just don’t feel well.  It’s not worth it!  You have an abundant set of tools. Employ them and stay in control!

2021 is the year of Y-O-U and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, you are the most important person to keep healthy. Make your health, fitness and wellness a priority so that you can be 100% for your family and friends.

Enjoy this healthy orange ricotta pancake recipe this easter for you and your family! Click on the image below to download the recipe as a PDF to save to your computer or phone. Then let us know what you think of it by taking a photo of your breakfast and tagging us on Instagram with our username @fosterslifestyle