Hey! We are glad you stopped by. Lets tell you about some of the benefits of our Kick start! We will keep this short and sweet so you can carry on with your day….oh and don’t forget, head to our website to sign up for our next kick start, its not too late! 

There are 4 big benefits for this program; support, knowledge, accountability and meal prep. Lets break those down and talk about how you are getting each form this program

Support : You are supported 100% of the way through this program. Your coach is here for you and wants you to succeed. You have your very own coach to give you guidance and be there when you need it so you never feel lost or unsupported 

Knowledge : We pair you with a Certified Food Coach who will monitor your progress and give you knowledge to get the best results in this program. This program provides you with food list to give you the freedom and knowledge to choose foods you love. This is a lifestyle not a restrictive diet. Your coach is equipped with SO many tips and tricks to make this easy and stream line for you. 

Accountability : Not only do you learn how to keep yourself accountable but your coach is there to keep you accountable and stay on track. During this program you keep a journal between you and your coach so they can provide you with helpful feedback. Additionally we proved you with a food and exercise log, this is a great visual way to hold yourself accountable and for your coach to see how you are doing because this whole program is virtual! So that means ANYONE can join.

Meal Prep : We supply the meals so you don’t have to stress about what to eat next. By having meals set for you with all the ingredients you need, you are less likely to get off track. Meal prepping can make a world of a difference in adapting this routine into your lifestyle. Simple changes can make the biggest difference. No more of the “hmm what do I eat for my next meal” because its already figured out for you! Seriously, what more could you want.

We hope this helps in your decision to join us for our next kickstart! We think it would be great for you! At this point you have nothing to loose. We are all on the same race to feeling better, why not get there faster and more efficiently with us? Still not convinced or have some more questions? Send us an email we would love to hear form you!